Thursday, March 20, 2008

Coming back around...

Yes, I know all of you people hate me for disappearing. I am in the middle of moving and working on other projects so I promise once things start to calm down a bit I will be back with even more insight on the Rangers! Thank you all for your patience.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Malik still a Ranger

Well, Marek Malik was not traded as we all hoped but that doesn't mean he won't be traded soon.

Malik, after Tuesday nights win against Atlanta, refued to shake coach Tom Renney's hand leading to a punishment and being scratched yet again. This was a big mistake by Malik as Renney is his biggest supporter. This guy is a virus to the team and not only does he have a negative impact on the ice but also in the locker room for the team.

The team is alot more cohesive together and the defense is alot better without him. So I hope they wave goodbye to Malik and pick up a 4th rounder because that's all hes worth.

Graves # to be retired!
Yes, they are retiring the #9 of my all time favorite player and he is so deserving of it. The look on his face was priceless when Brian Leetch announced it. If anyone deserve that honor and to be that happy it's Adam Graves!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kobasew the Ranger Killer

It's great how everytime we play Chuck Kobasew he pulls tricks out of his magician's hat to some how knock us around. He would have about 50 goals if we played them at least 40 times a season.

Another loss, another miserable loss for the Rangers. They were thrown around the ice and there is just no excuse for it any longer.

Besides a few players that aren't playing up to their full expectations, I totally believe that Tom Renney has lost control of this team completely. They are skating around the ice like chickens without heads, always out of position, and can never make/catch a clean pass.

Time to go and hopefully watch the Chargers beat the Patriots. Maybe the sports gods will at least give me that this weekend after watching the Rangers get creamed by Boston.

Jonathan Ragus
Ranger Nation

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Chara destroys the net

Man, his size is so intimidating that his shot scares goalies. A Monster that could've and should've been a Ranger.

Not much to say about this loss except that this is another game they should've won easily and didn't.

AMAZING games by Scott Gomez and (finally get to say it) Jaromir Jagr. Paul Mara had yet another strong game except for the puck going off his skate into his own net but that happens. Marek Malik again with horrible decision making and play. Please just bench him already and start Jason Strudwick or bring up Ivan Baranka.

I am turning more and more into a Gomez fan every game. He is just a hell of a player.

By the way, I wish Tom Renney would stop standing their like a clueless person and start getting on his players asses a bit more.

See you tomorrow for another game with Boston......

Jonathan Ragus

Home and Home with Boston

Well it's Saturday January 19th and we are getting ready for a home and home series with the Boston Bruins.

Yet the only thing I can think about is..... why is Malik and Jagr still in a Rangers jersey? Get moving Slats, we need some help.

Be back during the game with some views as usual =)

Is this Malik actually getting into a scuffle???? OMG!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just embarassing.....

After an embarassing loss to Philadelphia (yes, 6-2 we lost), I am left sitting here pondering my thoughts. The same thoughts I have stated a few times before but after tonight I hope more fans agree with me now.

Ryan Hollweg was the only one to score tonight which is amazing since he never scores. A lineup this powerful should at least be scoring a bit more than they are.

Tom Renney has lost total control of this team and it shows in his coaching decisions. Down 6-2 with a little less than 3 minutes left and he has Ryan Hollweg and Colton Orr out for a power play. It just baffles me.

Jaromir Jagr needs to go buh bye and real fast. The C on his jersey is crying to be pulled off. He has been the worst captain in Rangers history. And this I actually said when he first received it.

I will be posting more later as I just cant find the words to explain and define tonight's loss.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Straka out?

Just learned that Martin Straka has a concussion and might miss the next two games. Nigel Dawes skaed with the Jagr/Gomez pairing to take his place.

Also, Brendan Shanahan didn't skate and was replaced by Greg Moore on the line. No word if he will miss a game(s) or not.

More news on Shanny later.

Ranger Nation